Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet Blog Friend

My very sweet and extremely talented blog friend, Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot sent me my prize for winning a giveaway on her site as well as making some extra cute things for my baby girl.

Here's my giveaway prize-again picture from Katie since I can't seem to find the one I took:

I had my son open up everything because he loves presents, but doesn't really care about what's inside. I can't wait to fill up the books with pictures (and my son loves looking at scrapbooks and mini photo books too) and use all the other cute stuff she sent me!

I stole some better pictures from Katie too! Click on the links to see more pictures on her site.

There's secret pocket at the top with extra pages that come out. So cool!
I love the colors and how she made it more personalized using the baby's name and initials on different parts.

I love all the little embellishments she used on this one to make each page super cute especially all the word stickers.

Isn't Katie, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!? I'm always in awe of her work and all the details she puts into each piece. Check out her site for tutorials, crafts, kids' stuff and more!
It was extremely fabulous to have something made just for me. Friends tend to get initimidated to make me things because I'm always making them things. I'm not picky; I love handmade items for their thoughtfulness and work put into them.
I love having blog friends - I feel I have grown close to many of them and feel like they just live down the street. It's so fun!

3 scrappy shares:

MBC Scrapbooking said...

That is really sweet...and so cute! Love that you let your son open up the present:)

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

You are so sweet to share the projects I made you! I hope you really love them:)

Catherine Brooks said...

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