Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Post - Using a Scrapbook to Party Plan

Planning Your Party Using A Scrap Book

Scrap books are not only a really fun way to document memories and projects; they can also be really useful tools for planning anything from a wedding through to a party. So how do you go about using a scrap book to plan something? The idea behind this is to use a scrap book to collate potential ideas and themes from anything that catches your attention. From that you should have a pretty good batch of initial ideas which you can then develop further.

Read Some Magazines

One of the first steps towards creating your scrap book is to start looking for things that grab you eye. A great place to start is with magazines as they are often full of images and the latest trends. Flicking through a printed magazine is also much more inspiring than just looking online; I’m not sure about you but I still like to read something physical. If you’re planning a party then there are loads of potential magazines to look at, and don’t feel like to have to stick to party based publications. The wider your scope the more ideas you’ll find.

Get Online

Of course, the internet is the perfect place to find inspiration. I would suggest starting with some simple Google searches and taking a look through the image results to see what comes up. As an example, I typed ‘wacky cakes’ into Google and it came up with thousands of really interesting cake designs. Just type in whatever you’re looking for preceded by something like ‘crazy’, fun’, ‘silly’ and you’re sure to find some amusing ideas.

Look Elsewhere For Inspiration

Don’t just try to look for things in the usual places, ideas can come from anywhere. Try and keep your eyes peeled for anything that could spark an interesting thought. Often when walking round town I’ll see something that gives me an idea which can then be added to the scrap book. Or how about when you wake up in the middle of the night with the best idea in the world? Quickly jot it down and see if it’s any good in the morning!

The Result

The end result should be a collection of ideas from the realistic to the downright crazy. When you have a full variety of ideas in front of you, it’s much easier to plan something individual and unique. Next time you’re stuck for party ideas, have a go at creating a scrap book and see what happens. If nothing else, it’s great fun for everyone!

This post was written by Pink Heaven, a one stop shop for partyware and gifts for girls.

Thanks so much for this clever idea! I think this would be really useful for wedding planning - totally reminds me of the movie, The Wedding Planner. I know some people do this too when planning their dream homes. So much fun! Plus I think this would be really great to do with a child for his/her birthday party. Then add to the scrapbook with the actual party.

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