Thursday, February 10, 2011

CSDivas Be My Valentine Blog Hop! - GAME #2

I'm a big fan of games so I decided to play a few this week here just for the CS Divas Be My Valentine Blog Hop! Check out my post for more information and to start hopping! Fun Scrapbook Challenges.

Here's a list of all the blogs in the Blog Hop


Happy Anniversary to my parents! Today is also the 10th anniversary of my 2nd date with the man who become my husband. =D (I was 16!)
There will be a small RAK (random act of kindness/prize) for one winner of this game. Winner will be chosen at random.
  • One comment with all your answers to the riddles (no wrong answer): 1. _______, 2. ________, etc.
  • To gain an extra entry, become a public follower of Scrappy Gifts through Google Friend Connect. Leave a comment saying you are.

The first two are from my friend's blog...

"To the eyes, it's a treat: to the nose, a delight
But beware! To the hand it can be quite a fright.
Though few think to taste it, its sweetness still shows.
To this first riddle, the answer's a _______."

"Some plant it, some steal it, some blow it away.
Some do it several times in a day.
Some who are shy might blush getting this
On their hand or their cheek. Can you guess?
It's a ______."

"What only gets stronger the longer it lives?
What pays you back tenfold the more that you give?
Some say it's blind, some say it's true,
Some just say simply, 'I feel this for you.'"

These next ones are about famous couples: Name the Couple
Found these on a blog called, Lady Farmer Parables. She's having a giveaway if you can name more - she has about 30 riddles about couples.

She loved a double-chinned,

one eyed sailor man,
Whose favorite *green* food
came out of a can.

Their home was in the future,

space ships for cars,
And a dog that spoke
all his words beginning with "r's".

He flew through the air

with the greatest of ease,
But no trapeze for him,
he used vines hung from trees.

He was quite short

Her hair was quite long,
"I've got you, Babe"
was their memorable song.

7 scrappy shares:

Angela said...

1. rose
2. Kiss
3. love
4. popeye /olive oil
5. The Jetsons George/Jane
6. Tarzan/jane
7. Sonny and Cher

Angela said...

And congrats How romantic that you remember that!!!! :)

Luisa said...

Congrats Maryanne!!!
Did I told you am not good at this type of games? that is why Bingo is my fave AND Pocker of course... lol!

bless her heart said...

What fun games! I think Angela got them all, but I had a fun time answering and may have to steal a few!

bcriminger said...

1. Rose
2. Kiss
3. Love
4. Olive Oil
5. Jetsens
6. Jane & Tarzan
7. not sure... but the other comments say Sonny and Cher

Sandy Ang said...

Love it that you celebrate whimsical anniversaries like your 2nd date !

Naturally Me Creations said...

Here are the ones that i figured out on my own, hehe:

1. rose
2. kiss
3. love
4. popeye's girlfriend (couldn't remember that her name was olive oil)
7. Cher

And i'm an existing follower! :)

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