Thursday, November 18, 2010

Need Holiday Gifts?

Here's Basic Pricing for my Products. To see more of my products, you can use my menu bar at the very top of my site.
Scrappy Boxes
Regular - $13  Laminated - $18
Scrappy Canvas
Regular - $9   Magnetic - $15
Scrappy Clocks
Extra Faces - $7
Scrappy Notebooks
Mini (3x5) - $4
Regular (6x9) - $7
Scrapbook Layouts
1 Pg unembellished-$3
1 Pg embellished - $5
2 Pg unembellished-$5
2 Pg embellished - $8

You can trade for item(s) on my site with item(s) you sell on yours or get some publicity for your site.

If you'd prefer publicity, I'll happily do a post about your products, you can guest post on my site and you can have your button on my site for 1 month per product.

***If you wish to make a product trade, but there is a difference in the costs, you must be willing to pay the difference. This includes shipping costs. (For example: you sell handmade earrings for $20 + $5 shipping and you want to trade for a baby blanket for $20 +$10 shipping. You must be willing to pay the additional $5 with your trade.)

I'll trade for almost anything! Please leave a comment here or e-mail my at ScrappyDiva2129 at yahoo dot com

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