Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Scrapbook Room

I don't think I've ever shown my scrapbook room - I thought I did, but can't find the post where it has it so I guess I haven't.

Here's pictures of what it looks like clean - from last year when we first moved into our place.

Here's a picture of it today - DISASTER! =D
It looked worse too when I had all these papers more spread out working on a Calendar. Plus I've been working on my son's car play mat. Then when my son is with me, he makes a mess through my things too on top of my mess.

Someday it will be cuter, have some more storage, functional pieces, and I'll have a bigger table to work on. My husband took my big craft table to use as a desk for our 2 computers and printer for now.
I'm just grateful that in this place we had an extra room (the living room) so that I could have a scrapbook room since we had no furniture to fill it up with.

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Nina said...

I can relate. When I am trying to gather up stuff to take to a crop, I pull out all kinds of stuff to look thru. It's a mess. Than I clean up after I've packed for the crop. After the crop when I unload, big mess again!

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