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Baby Scrapbooks - top choice!

Found this great article on ideas for baby gifts.

5 Interesting Choices of personalized baby gift

Here are some interesting gift choices for babies: personalized gift basket, personalized blankets, personalized music CD, personalized plush toys, and a baby scrapbook.

Personalized gifts mirror the uniqueness of every baby. Adding the baby’s name on your gift will surely reflect a very special touch on it. In fact, personalized baby gifts are most likely to serve as keepsakes. When they are old enough to understand the designs and name prints on their gifts, they will absolutely give more value to them and to you, of course. So, below are some possible choices you can pick out to help you make an easy decision:

Personalized gift basket
Using a cotton or fleece blanket, you can have the name of the baby embroidered on it. you can do the embroidery yourself. If not, there are several stores around who can do embroidery work for you.
You can have a wicker basket painted with either pink or blue, whichever is applicable. Then place a colored baby wash cloth inside the basket to serve as the lining. Then place some small baby toys inside. Arrange them in such a way to make it look attractive. You may also want to include some baby soap, baby lotion and baby oil in your basket. A baby foot or hand print maker is a must. This is will make a wonderful imprint of you baby’s feet and/or hands.

Personalized blankets
This is another nice gift to give because of its functionality. A blanket provides a comfort snug on babies. Having an embroidered name print of the baby will surely make it your blanket special. You can even have some messages, a line or two, embroidered on the blanket. If you can’t do embroidery, you can look for someone to do it for you in craft stores.

Personalized music CD
This is one cute gift. Not to mention its usefulness too. You can have a compilation of a number of baby instrumental music in your CD. Using a CD labeler, print on the CD the baby’s nickname along with the title you might want to give to the compilation. A short message on the CD will make it even more beautiful.

Personalized plush toys
A plush toy is also another pretty idea. You can choose from various cartoon character plush toy choices. The best choice would be the cartoon character that the mom actually chose and assigned for him or her. Some moms with chubby babies, would like to have Pooh bear as the official cartoon character of their babies. To personalized the gift toy, have an embroidery of the baby’s name on the inner ear area.

Baby scrapbook - Come check out some of Scrappy Gifts' baby scrapbooks that you can customize to fit your needs.
This baby gift idea is really fabulous. Take as many photos of the baby. You can also ask for some pictures from the mom. Then, purchase scrapbooking materials in your favorite craft store. To make it easier for you, choose a theme or concept before you buy your materials. This will hasten your shopping time for the acquisition of supplies. If you happen not to like making scrapbooks, then have someone do the job. There are several stores accepting orders on making scrapbooks.

The above-mentioned gifts are just but a few of a huge selection of baby gift ideas you can think of. One thing that makes a baby’s gift even more special is making it a personalized baby gift. This will last a lifetime of memories to your baby recipient.

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