Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recent Trades

Just wanted to share with you about some great new sites that have traded with me so I could have prizes for my Valentine's Party this past Saturday, the 13th.

The Cosie Posie: all things cute and cosie
"The Cosie Posie is a fun chic twist on the old "Rice Bag" . Cosie's are filled with whole flax seed and have a wonderful moist warm heat without the rice smell. Perfect for someone with chronic pain."

I found The Cosie Posie's blog and etsy site by searching for giveaways. Tracie was having a Grand Opening Giveaway on her blog of some of her items: 1 giveaway for locals (Salt Lake and Davis Counties, Utah) and 1 giveaway for everyone else. In case I didn't win the giveaway, I contacted her to see if she'd be interested in donating or trading so I could get more items for my Valentine's Party that I had on the 13th. She very generously donated several of her cosies all Valentine themed.

Aren't they darling!

This square one is perfect for your back.
My husband tried this one out since he recently hurt his back. He loved it and it helped relax those muscles.

matching one for your neck

I stuck this one in the microwave for about 45 seconds and put it on my neck....Heavenly! I wanted to go to sleep right then and there. That's pretty amazing since a lot of time, I have trouble going to sleep.

This heart shaped one, again perfect size for your back along with a matching little one that I think would be perfect for headaches, was the favorite at my Valentine's Party.


"riri=rEFRESHING, iNSPIRING, rEAL, iNNOVATIVE handmade cards, 5 x 7 mixed media collage and prints, BLESSING BLOCKS,Blessing memory BOARDS, lunch box notes, wreaths and door pockets, coasters, ribbon organizers, trivets, seasonal decor and gifts for special events and everyday life. Tommy makes the blocks, trivets, frames, and ribbon organizers; all else I (Rita) make."

riricreations, on etsy happily donated one of her best items: Lunchbox Notes to me.

Aren't these cute!
When I saw these - I thought what a great motivation for me to do a little more service for my husband by making his lunch more often (he's too skinny and always forgets to make a lunch) and then having a little note to show him that I'm thinking about him and that I love him. When we were dating, much of our relationship was long distance so we wrote to each other often. I have kept all the letters and e-mails we'd sent to each other. Now that we're married, it's hard to remember how wonderful a note can be. I know that these notes would make his day. Then I'm sure he would write little notes to me (every so often, he does). I love his notes, plus then I can scrapbook them =D

Here's more information about them from Rita.
LUNCH BOX NOTES : $4-$4.50
I believe in the best of marriages, it's still takes work, attention, and commitment, during our busy lives, to keep a marriage (or any relationship) healthy. I hope these little notes, inspired by my friend Al's devotion to his wife Betsy, (400 notes he gave her over 10 years time before his untimely death) will help you, or someone you buy them for, keep romance alive and nurture a healthy, long lasting marriage. (See my feedback section, or sales section or separate listing to view original sets...)
Isn't that a cute love story behind these notes. Start some service and love, by ordering these for your husband. She also sells some for you to give your children.



Lisa Bees Craft and Design: Handmade Orignal Wood Decor for your Home and More!
"All products are handmade original designs. I start with a sketch, then make a pattern, transfer it to wood followed by cutting, sanding, painting, detailing, etc. Because we build our own product, we specialize in custom orders. We can also personalize items for you. Just let us know if you want something different."

Lisa sent me some of her Valentine's wood blocks in time for my Valentine's Party.
I became more excited for my party when I received her generous donation of adorable Valentine items. Lisa even sent each item simply packaged in cellophane with a bow; what a perfect touch.

Check out these beautiful handmade wood decor.

This one was the Party Favorite!

I love these little ones
Check out how I displayed them, such a simple perfect touch to bring more "love" into my home.
Plus they were safe for my little 14 month son to knock down. =)


"Welcome to Pocket Full of Daisies! I hope you find something you like for a little one in your life. I love to craft, and to help fund the obsession and share what I make, I decided to open this shop. I have 2 little boys at home with another little girl on the way. The shop is named after my oldest daughter and the daisies that remind me of her. She blessed our lives for 22 days, then had to leave us. We're so excited for another girl and now that my energy is back I plan on crafting some more!
All items in this shop were hand sewn with care in a pet and smoke free home. They are kid-tested by my own little guys and their cute cousins."

"MaisieDaisy" from Pocket Full of Daisies traded me this beautiful Valentine's Apron for some of my Scrappy Canvas. I so wanted to keep this apron! It was another Valentine favorite and was quickly snatched up by a prize winner.
She makes children sizes as well!


love2embellish traded me a Valentine's Mailbox for one of my Scrappy Canvas.
Check out her etsy site and blog.
Aren't they adorable! This was a favorite at my Valentine's party.
I didn't get my own picture because it came right before my party. (My mailman comes after 4:30pm!)

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